Referring to the Japanese Collection.


"All of the small pieces within the collection are highly personal whether worn, handled, or made purely for use.  The quality of work, subject to such very close inspection, rather than for display had, of necessity, to be the finest possible."

"There are fine examples from Kyoto, Osaka, Edo, Nagoya, Gifu and Hakata, as well as unsigned and unattributable pieces from the early 18th to the late 19th century . . . By some standards the collection is not large.  However, it does not need to be, there is much to be said for quality, rather than quantity and the present collection has the former in abundance."

See More by Neil K. Davey



Referring to the Chinese Collection.


"It is a tribute to their artistic awareness that they have been able to assemble so many works of art in these two areas, while maintaining the common bonds of excellent workmanship, charming subject matter and, above all, that elusive bit of 'magic' (for want of a better word) that turns an inanimate object into something special and important."

"The collection is notable for its supreme quality, proof of the Cohens' dedication to seeking only those objects that are artistically as well as technically brilliant.  What is perhaps even more remarkable, however, is that most of the works in the collection possess a certain light-heartedness, a slight touch of whimsy, which faithfully reflect the spontaneous good humour and cheerfulness of their owners, whose lives are full of fun."

See More by Robert Hall



Referring to the Chinese Pendant Collection.


"The seventy pendants have another great feature of unity, they all are of outstanding quality and beauty."

See More by Richard Marchant


CLARE CHU (Clare Lawrence)

Referring to the Chinese Collection.


"Throughout their collecting days the Cohen's set themselves very high standards, judging pieces not only on an aesthetic level but with the additional criteria of quality, material and subject matter."

"It is always a hard task choosing favourites and this is not made any easier by the quality of the snuff bottles in this collection."

"The enjoyment of handling wonderful netsuke is very similar to the pleasures we all know of handling a fine jade pendant or snuff bottle."

See More by Clare Chu (Clare Lawrence)



Referring to the Japanese Lacquer and Comb Collection.


"It has always seemed to me that a small collection of only the finest pieces makes a far better art collection than one double the size, but with mediocre pieces mixed in with the best.  I also believe that it is a better accolade to the fine arts of the nation it represents."

See More by Michael Dean


CLARE CHU  (Clare Lawrence)

Referring to the Chinese Pendant Collection.


"None of the dealers that have found pendants for this collection are aware of another collection, and all of them have confirmed, that good quality pendants are indeed much harder to find than comparable snuff bottles."

See More by Clare Chu (Clare Lawrence)





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